Friday, April 20, 2012

Gitomer: A Great Service Brand!

Another great Gitomer book!
Last week I attended one of Jeffrey Gitomer's seminars in London Ontario. I've been a fan of Gitomer for quite some time. Twice before I lamely attempted to attend one of his events with little success. This year I made a special effort to book the time to attend. To be sure that I was especially alert for the event I booked into the hotel the evening before. Now it was just a few minutes walk to the festivities.

Suffice to say Gitomer is absolutely entertaining in his delivery. What I especially enjoyed was that his personal brand not only matched his corporate brand but also my perception of him (based on his books) was spot on. His character matched his books. He was authentic. I was one of the first two or three people in the room as it opened. He wasn't waiting in the wings, but at a desk behind his Mac, fine tuning his slides at the front of the room. During this registration period, he spoke and joked with attendees. Posed for pictures and shared stories. Fun to watch.

During the course of the seminar I purchased another of his books and got him to sign it for me. Thank you. Following his seminar, I packed up my little bundle and headed off to another lecture on Social Marketing from another presenter.

Following this final lesson, I made my way to my car for my journey home.

Two and a half hours later, I unpacked my things and realized that I didn't have my new Gitomer book with me. I wanted to show my wife Rose, his autograph. Humph!  I immediately went online and contacted the Gitomer Empire. I asked if I purchased another copy, would they be able to get Jeffrey to sign this copy and send it out to me. They never even skipped a beat - not only would they get Gitomer to sign another copy BUT they would cover the cost of the book and shipping to me. WOW! Gitomer spoke of this level of service during the seminar, but here was his words in action. The young lady I spoke with didn't mention that she would need permission - she just did it. How great is that!

Less than a week later I have that little autographed book in my hands. This is a lesson in service that I take to heart. Do you and your people deliver on your service promise? My blogging of this experience is testament to the effect that great service can have on a customer. I look forward to delivering exceptional service to all who work with me.

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