Thursday, July 5, 2012

How The Brand Benefits From Brand Positioning

Are you still selling with slogans attached to logos? While inspiring, a slogan doesn't usually take much of a position. That job is left to positioning strategies. What is a positioning strategy? They are a strategy where by the brand takes a position that resonates with it's target audience. That position sometimes puts your brand out on a limb or boldly states a fact such as: the leader in something. Or the only something. When I develop positioning strategies, I love the leadership variety. Most people enjoy working with the leaders. 

What are you the leader in? Are you the only service to offer something? Remember Domino's Pizza at their beginning? 30 minutes or it's free! Domino's realized that essentially, pizza is pizza. By positioning with 30 minutes or it's free they went from a pizza business to a delivery business. Customers couldn't resist the fact that if no pizza arrived at their threshold in 31 minutes they got a free pizza. That is a resonating message. They were they only ones to do that.

Apple's positioning was the design itself. From the beginning Apple products were distinctly different. That aesthetic appealed to the graphic industry. The operating system was graphic based. Their inspiring slogan, "Think Different" complimented their positioning. 

Like all positioning, it has to be based in reality. If you are different, if you deliver or it's free you must indeed do these things. Your brand must be authentic. Your own positioning strategy is no doubt based on what customers love about you now. Focus and narrow your field to harness a position that resonates. This will deliver additional profit and move your brand forward. It is also very exciting for all stakeholders. They willingly step up to the plate take the challenge to succeed.

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