Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Give Back Bucks.

Employees and suppliers are often over-looked as advocates of your brand. Both have a vested interest in your success. Here is an idea that will nurture their love for your brand.

Give Back Bucks!

Have some paper money printed up that has your company logo on it, and make it in various denominations? Put together a program that rewards efforts that are beyond what is expected. Your supplier group will probably be the most surprized to be included. It will prove to them that you view them as part of your team and integral to your success.

As they collect your Give Back Bucks, they can spend them on various branded products and clothing items. An added bonus is that your advocates now are advertising for you.

So don’t just give away those branded sweatshirts - allow your team to happily deliver better behavior to earn more bucks to spend.

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