Thursday, March 12, 2009

Write Your Way To FREE Publicity.

Publicity - it is seen as free advertising. Everybody wants positive publicity. Wouldn’t it be great if you could control publicity?

Well you can.

There are two ways to get publicity that you can do today that has a good potential for success.

The first method is to develop a media center on your website. This involves having a canned article of different lengths. The media center should also have pictures that can accompany your article. Also, include your company’s logo and a bio of yourself. Now you have to contact different media of your choice, and make them aware of your ready to print good news stories.

The second method is to go to blogs in your industry and offer them your articles. Blogs and traditional media are looking for content continually. You will find that blogs are anxious to take your material.

Which ever method you favor, the trick is to be confident in your attempts to get publicity that compliments you. Don’t assume media will not be interested.


Santis Web said...

good article...i will give it a try

Ed Roach said...

You won't regret it. Over time it WILL pay off for you.

Windsor Rentals Blog said...

Ed, we have used this previously and the writer actually was upbraided by the advertising department for the article. It gave us a great start but they said don't expect us to print anything more as you are competing with our classified section. Well worth the press we got tho!

John Adams - Private Exchange, House and Apartments For Rent

Ed Roach said...

I'm surprised that editorial gave a damn "what" advertising thought. Years ago they had a code at the Star which meant that interference from advertising was considered trying to control the news.

I'm glad it worked for you though.

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