Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Testing The Apple Brand

The new iPhone and iPad have a similar problem - antenna strength. I've been a Mac user since it's inception in '84 and I have never (knock wood) had any issues with it's new products until the iPad. Wi-Fi signal strength drops away the minute I step out onto my deck. I went online with the issue and found that it's a common problem which is hoped to be addressed in the OS update in the fall. Now we hear that the new iPhone 4 has a signal strength issue.

Depending on how Mac handles these situations will determine if its' brand is authentic or it too falls victim to arrogance like Toyota. It is my hope that they not ignore it and hope it goes away, but that they fix it before a back-lash occurs. My guess is that it's not simply a software issue.

Apple is my favorite brand so I think that they will take the high road. Of course time will tell.

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Rick VanGameren said...

In the meantime you could try a repeater to boost the signal on the deck.
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