Thursday, November 25, 2010

The New Company Brand

Starting a new company? Hey this is a great opportunity to develop your brand from the ground up. At this stage you are in the enviable position of not having any negative baggage to deal with. What ever brand values you bring to the table are the basis for the future of your brand. You can develop your brand image to reflect these values and you can also position your company to come out ready for the fight. One downside is lack of experience. Customers don't necessarily enjoy being the guinea pig. I believe that if your positioning strategy is powerful enough this short-coming may be moot. Confidence can also trump lack of a track record. The company might be new but chance are you have past experiences that compliment this new direction. Use them.

Since perception is reality in branding, keep in mind what perception you want your audience to have when they are first exposed to your brand image. When I develop images, it is absolutely important to know what gut feeling you what customers to have on viewing your brand image. Do you want to look young or mature? How large do you want to look? Is it a male or female audience? All of the touchpoints can be addressed if handled properly BUT remember that they must adhere to your pre-established brand values and personality.

When you've got a pretty good handle on your brand and your ready to hang out your shingle, remember that the consistency of your message and image is imperative to bringing your brand to life, to the point where people embrace you and want to see you succeed.


Gerry said...

This article hits the nail on the head. I am currently advising a start-up business and have stressed the points made in the article.
Right on, Ed. Thanks for the reinforcement.

Ed Roach said...

Thank you for the compliment Gerry. This brief exposure to brand will help your client with their start-up strategy.

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