Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who Knows What The Next Email Will Bring…

New business is what every business strives for. Every tool in our marketing tool-box is fine tuned to get results. Most of my marketing efforts rarely get immediate results because most are based on long-term results. The trick is to get started and keep the momentum going. The number one rule is to realize that just because leads aren't pouring in endlessly, doesn't mean your efforts aren't having some effect. Consistency of effort is what brings results. One of my pet lines is - "You just never know what the next email will bring you."

I market myself using email marketing (weekly tips and a monthly newsletter), Linkedin, and blogging big time. Offline I belong to professional networking groups, public speaking, PR and mentoring. I rarely if ever use print other than postcards to distribute at speaking events. Referrals from existing clients also generate new business. Every time I complete a project that I feel might inspire additional business, I brag about it on the multiple levels already mentioned. The most important thing to remember is to be aware of how you are presenting your brand. Every effort should be consistent and you should never compromise your image for a buck. Brand building is hard enough as it is, without complicating things and confusing your audience.

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