Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 Tell-Tale Signs That You're A Bookshelf Brand.

"A Bookshelf Brand" - it sounds like it might be a compliment doesn't it? We might think that our bookshelf is where we keep our important stories and reference resources. I can see how one could think that way, but I'm referring to brands that are inactive for any reason. You might be a bookshelf brand if:

1: You have no idea what your brand values are, let alone understand whether management's values compliment them or not.

2: You've actually gone through a branding process and the report is gathering dust on that bookshelf. You're a planner not a doer.

3: You're not actively marketing yourself whether that is online or off line. You allow your competition to define who you are.

4: You're not controlling your brand image. No consistency in your image is costly and confusing.

5: You have no compelling story to tell. Your brand stands for nothing and just follows the lead of the competition. Lost in a sea of sameness.

The answer - Take those books off the shelf and get your brand happening. Tell a compelling story that will resonate with customers and get them to consider you beyond price. Stop thinking about branding and start doing something about it.

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