Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Let A Busy Streak Keep You From Your Goals.

Focus is very tough for a business person. When things slow down, and your thoughts turn to keeping the lights on. You are absolutely motivated to find some small thing you can do to increase business. You spend countless hours scouring the web for small bits of wisdom to apply to your model. You are looking for that silver bullet. I like you am always looking for opportunities and ways to better my brand.

What I refuse to do is something that I see business people do over and over. Every now and then a busy bubble takes hold and all that effort is put on the back burner. They are content to let it slide, losing any momentum they had. Good marketing is not just for the slow times, good marketing is ALL THE TIME. Your marketing wheels must always be turning. Being busy is the best time to get proactive because your head is in a great place. You are positive.

Waiting for slow times to market your brand is unrealistic. Panic is in the air and impatience is rampant. Finding time to market during busy times AND slow times will deliver consistent results. Keep your brand in front of your audience. This goes for all of your on-line and off-line marketing initiatives.

So now that your finishing this article, get out there and do something proactive to advance your brand before the end of the day. Even something as simple as bragging on Twitter moves your brand forward. Don't ever stop.

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