Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Group Love On Linkedin

A great place to get questions answered or meet plenty of potential leads and resources is Linkedin..The one frustrating thing though is that the site is deep and complicated. Many of my colleagues continually complain that they don't know how to benefit from it. Two opportunities I'd like to point out are:

ONE- join groups. These are simply groups of people with like interests. Choose groups that your target customer might be interested in. Also choose peer groups. Sometimes who you might otherwise see as competition may in reality be a great contact to team up with to go after new business. If there is a group that you can't find, you can start one yourself. Groups, like blogs allow great conversations back and forth.

TWO- as people connect to you and your connections grow, you can market directly to them. You can do this by saving your connection list out as a VCF file and importing them into your email list. You could even consider putting them into a special list or niche. Knowing they are your Linkedin names, you can fine tune your mail to their interests.

These are just two ways to benefit from Linkedin and there are more for you to enjoy as you slowly walk through it.

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