Monday, March 1, 2010

Personal Branding Event Strategy

Every business person gets invited repeatedly to events for everything ranging from charity fundraiser, to industry trade show, networking events and organization mixers. Many of you reading this absolutely refuse to attend for any number of good reasons. I'd like to present an option you may have failed to pick up on. That option is "personal branding." Building on the usual networking opportunities, events are perfect for building on your expert profile. Offer your expertise as a public speaker to organizers. What better way to set yourself apart. Following every speaking opportunity, members of the audience invariably ask you more questions off-stage, one-on-one.

Take the opportunity to also introduce people you know with others. This is the simple give before you get tactic. Aligning people expresses a confidence and people in the room see you as influential. To network, you don't have to be constantly spouting your elevator speech. This becomes tiring for both parties, plus it can be seen as too contrived. It is better to be seen as a generous connector. This will lead to joint opportunities and strengthen your personal brand.


Brandi N. Grays said...

Public speaking is one of the most effective and underused marketing strategies. It is also a very powerful method that is almost always free.

Besides building your personal brand, public speaking can put you in front of people that actually need your services.

Ed Roach said...

You are absolutely correct Brandi. For instance I have a speaking opportunity coming up where the entire audience is made up of CEO's. This is the perfect audience for my message.

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