Friday, March 19, 2010

Sound Advice

We are all familiar with visual brand images, but have you ever considered audio brands as part of your image? Every brand has a visual image including their logo and color palette. These elements are often developed with a special consideration given to establishing an icon. Icons are a form of sensory trigger that immediately reminds the customer of a brand the moment they are exposed to it.

Color icons are UPS's brown, ING Direct's orange and Mac's golden arches. Audio branding is a sound. Hearing it immediately makes you think of the brand exactly the same way a visual brand works. Great audio brands include Harley's motorcycle sound, Intel's notes, and the Hockey Night in Canada theme.

You don't have to be a multi-national to take advantage of sound. Putting a few catchy guitar licks at the front end of any presentations you do and marry that with your web presence and you can start to familiarize your audience with a sound icon. With the advent of mobile marketing, a sound icon would be a very powerful introduction. Myself, I'm putting mine to use in a series of podcasts.

Join the growing list of savvy marketing and include the senses as triggers to successful marketing.


Marlane M. MacKenzie said...

I love the podcast addition, good tip and I am going to try that! Thanks once again.

Ed Roach said...

Thank you Marlane. I think that you'll enjoy doing them. It adds another dimension to you brand.

Anonymous said...

i actually adore your writing way, very helpful,
don't quit as well as keep penning because it simply just that is worth to look through it.
excited to browse through more of your own articles, good bye :)

Ed Roach said...


Thank you for the compliment on my writing. I've been blogging for going on 4 years now, so I don't see myself stopping. As a matter of fact it is my number one channel for getting new business.

Have a great week.

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