Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Results May Vary

Building businesses whether online or off, is actually a long journey. The road to your success will be wrought with hurdles and rewards. And for all the business plans and marketing strategies that you pay hard earned cash for, one thing remains true, there are no guarantees. The reason that there are no guarantees is not due to unscrupulous consultants, but rather it is due to yourself.

Where you put your priorities will have everything to do with your own personal success. How much advice you are willing to pay for, has a direct relation to how fast you reach your goals. The web is a double edged sword. That there is so much free information and advice cause ones to believe that they should be all they can be, by doing it themselves. The better way to succeed is to surround yourself with knowledge and mentors. Some things that are free can be put to great use, but it is equally important to recognize that paying a few dollars for more insightful advice is going to catapult you faster to where you want to be.

I take issue with consultants promising a "results guarantee" because it's not honest. It's one thing to advise you, but how can they in all honesty know if and how you will use that advice they peddle? As we all know, the only person who is going to make me a success, is ME. When I hire coaches, purchase ebooks, hardcopy books and generally scour the blogs looking to educate my self further, my main goal is to learn one more nugget I can use to better by efforts. It is a long-term strategy.

How I exploit a tip I'm given will differ immensely from how you might implement it. We all approach business from our own experiences. "Results may vary" is a huge understatement. Recognizing this truth will save you a great deal of money and more importantly - time.


Brandi Grays said...

Ed, WOW! This is dead on! I work with small business owners and many of them don't want to pay for assistance because they want automatic results. However, advisers, consultants, and coaches can play a tremendous part in a business becoming more successful, however, the business owner is going to have to implement the strategies. In the end, we still all have to get up and do something.

Ed Roach said...

Thanks Brandi. Let's hope that maybe some business owners will see themselves and the damage they are doing to their own efforts.

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