Saturday, May 8, 2010

How To Bring Down Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand should be the poster child for positivity. Everything about you should say that you are likable and a pleasure to be associated with. Inspiring those around you should be your goal. Every entrepreneur wants to associate themselves with influential people, because referrals are the best form of lead. If a person finds you likable, always seeing opportunities and beaming with a positive attitude, they want more of you. Don't you find yourself getting pumped when you share a lunch or coffee with positive people? They're contagious!

Or the flip-side, negative people who always whine and complain and blame their failings on everything but themselves can bring you down faster than anything. Negative people where negativity like a badge of honor and they excel at it. The trouble is that it leads to massive failure. This is a sure fire way to drag down your personal brand. To make matters worse, negative people attract other negative people. It becomes a spiral down.

Look around, are people you associate with complaining about the economy consistently? It's time you pulled back, and actively search out people who see negatives as a positive source of opportunity. You know the old quote - "when one door closes, another one opens" - this comment is alien to negative people. Your brand is in your control, IF you are pro-active and are open to opportunity. If not - YOU lose, it's pretty simple.

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