Monday, May 3, 2010

Over Delivering Is Good Brand Medicine

If you'd love to make a great impression on a new customer, all you have to do is over deliver on the promise. If you've already quoted them a fee, surprise them with rolling some of the lesser costs into the main one. If delivery is not usually free, make this delivery free. Going above and beyond in your service to them and you will see a loyalty to you begin to grow. Nobody enjoys being nickel and dimed to death, so small things make big impressions. They are noticed more than you might think.

Even when volunteering to help someone out, over deliver there as well. Giving more always comes back to you in a positive way. More is always good, and more is great for your brand.

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John Adams said...

Ed, are you finding more and more large companies are actually doing the reverse? My mother-in-law recently have a problem with a sears lawnmower and we took it to them with the understanding that there was a 2 year unlimited warranty on it. After 2 weeks of now being able to cut the grass, she finally got a call to pick it up. When we got there is was not fixed and had a $40 bill attached to it!

Now, I have NEVER had a service problem with sears previous to this.

I am finding this more and more on high ticket items.

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