Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mistakes. Little Business Lessons.

Guest writer: Karen Behune Plunkett

So- how do you make right decisions? Frankly, in one word – EXPERIENCE, and through experience we will make mistakes. They play a pivotal role in growing and learning about our business, brand and our life itself. Mistakes should be looked at as the “learning curve”. I always say, you remember your mistakes much more vividly than your successes. The true mistake would be if you didn’t learn anything from that mistake and just kept duplicating it.

While striving to achieve our dreams, life shows us that that through a series of set-backs and comebacks, sometimes overnight successes takes years. Perhaps the real danger is too much success very early in the game. You have missed the lessons needed to be learned for correcting or repositioning from the mistakes, and left less equipped to handle the inevitable challenges that will surely come. Call me crazy- but I believe there is great value in a business person who gets that….someone who understands that making a mistake, is just another opportunity to do it again-more successfully.

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