Friday, May 21, 2010

Social Media Marketing Smarts

As I sit here putting together the graphics for a presentation I'm doing next week on Social Media Marketing to a small group of auto industry stakeholders, I'm wondering at what awareness level they are at.

Typically, businesses don't even have online marketing on their radars. They all have profiles on the various sites and a basic database of opt-in emails, BUT they are not even aware that they are walking around this environment with their eyes closed. Granted the whole point of this event is to open those eyes.

What I'm hoping for is that not only their eyes are opened by their minds as well. Online marketing is an entirely different mindset than traditional marketing. Where they are similar is the determination and strategic thinking that is needed to exploit the opportunities. They have to understand that it is more important to speak to 15 highly targeted people with a compelling conversation than to speak to 15,000 people with a sales pitch and no direction.

As a colleague of mine puts it, " Social marketing isn't really about marketing, it's about the conversation."

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