Saturday, May 1, 2010

Job hunting? Look At Yourself First.

This afternoon I'll be speaking to a young group of newly arrived immigrants to Canada. My message will be that when they are searching for employment or looking to start a new enterprise, they should start with addressing their personal brand. I know for many of my colleagues, they don't hire from a resume but by referral or personally knowing someone.

Their strategy to strengthening their personal brand should have an online and offline component. Online, all social networking and professional networking sites should have a consistent profile and have flattering material to witness. Offline, I will be encouraging they join networking and professional associations. I will also suggest that they give back to their host communities by giving of themselves by volunteering. All of these activities will go a long way in distinguishing themselves in their community.

By consciously trying to stand out they have a greater chance of reaching their career goals AND their self-confidence will spike as well.

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