Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Make Your Best Impression?

What impression are you making on people? When you meet them for the first time - after you've given them your business card - then they get back to their offices and decide to check you out. What are they going to discover? Will they see a professional image that compliments their impression of your personality? In person you talk a great game, but if your support materials including your web presence were done on the cheap, you may be torpedoing your brand from the very start. Consistency of presentation is so important in taking the lead to the next level. Even after reading my articles, potential leads ALWAYS check out my website to get a read on who I am.

It is important that what they discover compliments and even surpasses their expectations. I can't afford to have a communication channel back-fire and miss the positive perception I want to leave with a potential lead - and neither can you. Everything that I do has a common theme and message.

You are not doing your brand any favors, when your brand doesn't stand for anything. If your brand image is telling a weak story then you are going to work harder to land that sale. This is a common mistake I see when coaching small businesses with their brand strategies. They all understand what I'm recommending, but they have difficulty implementing it. Once they roll it out properly, their brands take on a renewed confidence and from there they are on a journey that makes their brand stronger and stronger.


Rick VanGameren said...

I couldn't agree more!

Ed Roach said...

Short and to the point. Thanks Rick.

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