Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shout Out To Oceans & Fisheries

From my stats I see that I have someone from Oceans and Fisheries visiting here at my blog. Being originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, I'm curious about them. If you happen to read this, how about leaving a comment and introducing yourself. I still have many ties back east, and it being a small world, I always wonder who is visiting.

I appear to draw an audience from everywhere really. Some weeks for instance I might get a good number from India. Why some weeks, I get more from one area is unknown to me. But, it happens that way it seems. The great thing is that my information appears to resonate with small business people no matter where they live. It's a universal message. If you're up to it, why not tell us all where you're visiting from? The web is a fascinating portal. Commenting is an optimum way to promote yourself as well.

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