Sunday, April 11, 2010

Changing My Blog's Name

From here onward my blog will be known as - Ed Roach: The Branding Guy.™ This addresses my progress in branding myself. As I meet people I'm repeatedly being addressed as "that branding guy." So I've decided to embrace it. The new name addresses the positioning of my personal brand and my slogan, "Lead don't follow.™ " is my call to arms.

It will be my intention to move my website in this direction also. It will be a sub-brand of the Branding Experts. This is all part of my growth plan. If you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it.


JohnJAdams said...

Just a comment ed but when I searched "the branding corral" (which was your brand I knew you by), it comes up with no title on the beginning of the search.

Ed Roach said...

John, the reason for that is an odd one. But for some reason when i designed my blog. If I were to type in the title, it would appear right over my graphics. As it is, I couldn't just leave it blank because it wouldn't work without something. So I put a period in. You will see it on my ear in the photo of me.

Until i find a solution, that's the way it is I'm afraid.


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