Monday, April 12, 2010

First Time Here? Read This!

If you're new to my blog or a regular for that matter, welcome! Something you should know is that are almost 250 articles here that address how you can improve your brand right now. The great thing about the information is that it continues to be relevant. If you're interested in something specific, try the search field to the right there.

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Everything about The Branding Experts (my company) is all about providing information, coaching and helping small businesses like yourself. Every week here at Ed Roach: The Branding Guy Blog, I post a Branding Tip Podcast. The latest discusses branding through online efforts.

Did you know that commenting to my articles, draws traffic back to your website?

Let's face it - you've taken the time to visit and learn from what I'm sharing - don't you deserve to have my audience check you out? Commenting does just that! I purposely go out and leave comments on other blogs that I read. It is all part of my marketing efforts to gain leads. I call it "leaving bread crumbs."

You can expect a new article every day at Ed Roach: The Branding Guy.™ (except the odd day where I have a brain fart :)

Thanks for visiting today - Join in the conversation and return often! I accept guest articles as well - perfect for those "brain fart" days.

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