Monday, May 31, 2010

Ask and Discover A Stronger Brand Inspiration

The next installment of my eInterview series is on it's way to this blog. The next interview is with PR guru Drew Gerber and his perspective on the value of your brand in relation to public relations. I am enjoying this effort. It's fun to have people I admire give me their thoughts on branding. What I find especially rewarding is the fact these individuals are so open and willing to share their thoughts with us.

It speaks highly of their brands. How about yourself? Are you willing to provide value when called upon for your assistance? Myself, I mentor and provide other forms of guidance to young business people at the starting line of their business careers. As they say, give first and it all comes back to you. I enjoy listening to other opinions on branding and that is where I got the notion of asking personalities of note or of interest to me for their opinions. We can all learn from asking questions. Every day I do a little more to push my business forward. The web allows me to spread my influence to a global audience. I love what I learn from each new client and from each new bit of information I discover.

Have your read a great book or article recently? Why not take the time and contact the author and share with them what you got from their writing. It could even generate a great new point of influence for you. I know from my own experience with blogging, some of my regular commenters have become familiar to me and we have shared notes from time to time, and promoted each other's services. That to me is the best kind of networking. The kind where I'm not conscientiously trying to network, but where it happens naturally.

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