Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shout It Out Everywhere!!

Have you figured out a powerful brand positioning strategy yet? Well, let's say you have. Now you have to develop a brand image that reflects that position and roll it out across every touch point of your brand. Your website needs to reflect the positioning. Your business cards and marketing materials do too. If positioning was just a slogan change, it could probably wait until the materials run out. But a positioning strategy is too compelling a message to ignore due to design/printing costs.

When ever I'm asked, "do I have to change my cards?" myself and my client know that the answer has to be "yes you do." When the message is consistent across all channels, sales and marketing are then working hand in hand for your success. Since the positioning strategy is a compelling reason to buy from you, it puts your business out there as the leader. You can't afford to roll it out slowly at the risk of underwhelming. It's time to shout out that difference you've worked so hard to discover.

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