Monday, April 5, 2010

Notice to Spammers!

Recently I've noticed two types of commenters that are plaguing my blog and I'm sure countless others. The first is the obvious, "compliment" followed by a large paragraphic of web links to porn, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The second irritate me more.

They leave a generic complimentary comment on an article then have a link to what they are selling at their site. Sometimes it is related to my discussion, but I don't appreciate the bold sales hook. They always comment under the "anonymous" ID. Maybe they just don't know any better, but what I'm doing here at the Brand Corral is trying to provide valuable content to my subscribers and readers.

If you want to promote your site, do it honestly. Identify yourself, and join in the discussion and give valuable input. My readers (and myself) will follow your link back to your sites.

If you don't like that idea, be assured that your "tactic" will be deleted shortly after you post it. To my readers: be assured that if you see the comment, " deleted by author" or something close, these types of comments are what is being censored. I do not delete opposing points of view - those I enjoy :)


WE Speak said...

The very unfortunate part of trying to maintain open comments. Most of those type are bot postings. The ones to watch are those that go after your older posts. Many times people don't notice and the links stay up there, accomplishing their goal.

JohnJAdams said...

This problem has all but shut down the comments sections on two of my blogs. I turned on the moderation feature but sometimes cannot get to them for days. The result is almost always the same as you mentioned. I wonder if blogger can build a blog spam component so people can report just the same way hotmail does.

Ed Roach said...

It's Blogger abuse I tell you !!

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